The Bootleg Brewing Co are looking for a second brewer for the day!

Written by Denny on April 13, 2017

The Bootleg Brewing Co team are brewing some beer in honour of Chorlton Beer Festival and Manchester Beer Week in June and we want to do it as a Collaboration with a Home Brewer. The beer will be brewed in time for the Festival / Manchester Beer Week at our brewery in Chorlton, Manchester at The Horse and Jockey Pub.

Bootleg Home Brew CompetitionThe winner of the Home Brew competition will brew their recipe on a commercial scale with Stef Occhi, Head Brewer for Bootleg. The winning beer will be fermented at the Brewery and then racked into Casks. This will be drunk at Chorlton Beer Festival, Manchester Beer Week and sold through selected pubs in Manchester. On top of that, we at The Bootleg Brewing Co will also bottle some of your beer for you to take home. Please name your beer with your entry and The Bootleg Brewing Co will even design a pump clip for the winner.

We at Bootleg are loving what’s happening in the Brewing World at present. That is why we want to set you a challenge.  We don’t just want to set a style of beer, we want you to tell us a story and create a work of art. We are therefore looking for an Anglo American Beer. This can be English Style / American Hops or English Malt / American Rice. Anything that combines these two countries in a beer can enter the competition. (See the full home-brew-competion-entry-details)

The Home Brew competition will be judged by a panel of experienced and respected judges at a tasting in June. We will then hold an Awards Ceremony at the Horse and Jockey and throw a Bootleg worthy party for all entrants.

To enter, please register at for your chance to have your special brew enjoyed by thousands across Manchester!

Some key dates to note:

  • When do I need to register by? 6th May 2017
  • When does my Home Brew entry need to be brewed and submitted by? 29th May 2017
  • When will the winning beer be brewed? Saturday 10th June

We can’t wait to taste your creations.

Happy Brewing!